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About Us

The first church on this site was built in 1695 for the use of protestant, presbyterian and congregational dissenters. The church was remodelled and enlarged after the Whitehaven and High Street Presbyterian churches united in 1900. A new hall was built in 1977 and further alterations to the church has provided extra meeting areas and enlarged the entrance vestibule.

Cumbria is an Ecumenical County. The United Reformed Church, Methodist, Salvation Army and Anglican churches are partner denominations to a Declaration of Intent aimed at working more closely together in mission. This is supported by four companion denominations; Roman Catholic, Baptist, Quaker and Church of Scotland.

A book by Anne Dick, Whitehaven United Reformed Church 1695-1995 with a supplement to 2005 details the history of the congregations which form Whitehaven URC. This is available at the church.

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